CocoPolka Two 4” x 6” Per Page Photo Albums Pack of 2 – Each Flexible Photo Album Holds Up to 96 4×6 Photos in White Pockets with Removable Pages and Covers. Cheerful Modern Patterns.


Two photos per page BRAG BOOKS are great for anyone who wants to organize the important things in their life. They’re ideal for use at work, at home and when traveling. BRAG BOOKS can be used for storing anything from travel memories to important documents. The lightweight, flexible design allows you to store more than just photos and provides users with more space to write on.

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  • ADD OR REMOVE PAGES - THE DURABLE WHITE POCKETS keep photos or other memorabilia secure - opening is on interior 9.75” edge towards the spine. The CocoPolka photo albums are specifically designed to show-off multiple photos per page. Each page holds two 4x6 items in the pockets with a white background that shows off your memories. A Phillips head screwdriver removes the posts to add or remove pages. The photo album comes with 24 pages, allowing you to add or remove pages for a customized album.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT PHOTO ALBUMS IN HARD-TO-FIND 2 UP FORMAT WITH WHITE POCKETS in two cheerful patterns. CocoPolka is the delightfully light and versatile photo album you've been waiting for. Use them to organize more than just your photos - ideal to easily flip through travel memories, busy books, flashcards, recipes, coupons, home improvement projects and anything else you need to easily sort and store.
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED to show off a lot of photos in a small space, the flexible front and back covers have a cardstock insert that can be easily swapped out. Keep the stylish covers that come with the albums, or remove them to insert your own photo or artwork for a custom, personalized album. Moments worth keeping are moments worth documenting.
  • STURDY YET STILL FLEXIBLE BRAG BOOKS feature a heavier 0.2mm cover, small posts to hold the pages, and uniquely sweet floral prints you won’t find in stores. Each photo album in this pack holds up to 96 photos. With the two photo albums in this bundle, you can store up to 192 4x6 photos. Made of polypropylene.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR photographers, artists, brides and grooms, newlyweds, travelers, new parents, grandparents, pet owners, graduates, teachers, students, homeschoolers, kids, couponers, reunions, in-home party consultants and more.

HOLD UP TO 96 ITEMS IN THIS LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE DELUXE ALBUM. This 9” x 7.75” 2 up format size is hard to find in a soft, flexible space saver cover - stock up today! Each white pocket photo album has easy slip-in pockets that open towards the spine - nothing can slip out. Each page has two 4x6 pockets on each side. Capture the memories of your life in a beautiful, easy-to-use photo book.

With the flexi-cover you can show off a lot of photos in a small space. The back and front covers have a cardstock insert that can be easily swapped out in just a couple of seconds with our tool-free design. Make the front cover into your own by simply using a sheet of plain paper or photo paper to print on!

Think outside the box! Not only are these photo albums great for your 4x6 photos, but here are a few more ideas:

  • Put together a photo album of your trip with photos, postcards, souvenirs and memorabilia.
  • Elegant way to showcase wedding photos or senior pictures
  • Sort and organize your stickers
  • Make a quiet book for toddlers and young children
  • Use as hostess gifts and prizes for home parties
  • Create a brag book with newborn pics, ultrasound photos, school memories, vacations, holidays, any major event or achievement
  • Add flashcards for review for school, homeschooling (especially if you are following the classical method of education) or work
  • Use for record keeping and charts for chores and school work
  • Have a remodeling or building project? Store all of your plans, samples and brochures in one book