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100 Day Dress Challenge

Aug 27, 2020 | Random, Tips & Ideas, Travel

Back in April I ran across an ad for a wool dress. I love wool for travel, and have been slowly growing my collection of pieces. I ran across this post where you wear a dress for 100 days and earn a free dress, and decided to give it a try.

By some crazy coincidence that I only realized about a week ago, the 100 days is up on my birthday. I started April 29, but had a color defect in my dress. I took a break while Wool& sent me a new dress (awesome customer service, guys!) 

I began this just to get a free dress, because why not? It gave me something to do during a pandemic. Instead, I actually did find my outlook on clothing changed and am so glad I did this for reasons other than just the freebie. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • It wasn’t nearly as boring or difficult wearing the same thing every day as I thought it would be. The simplicity of just pulling the same thing out each day was lovely. Maybe because I read/watch so much sci-fi/fantasy where many characters are identifiable by what they wear, but the idea of having a particular outfit was a really easy thing to adapt to. I had a few people comment on the fact that I was wearing it a lot, but honestly, most people never batted an eye. I think we care much more about what we wear than anyone else does!
  • I would highly recommend the dress for hiking, day to day activities, even light exercise. I would not recommend it for any hiking or backpacking that requires bushwhacking. Just the nature of any dress makes it easier to get caught and torn (which happened to me while going cross country in the Sierra Nevadas)
  • This is ideal for travel. I often didn’t wash it for a week or more, and it smelled and looked fine the whole time even when being quite active. I figure you could easily go for a couple of weeks with a couple of dresses, and then whatever else you need for the weather where you are going.
  • If everyone in my family only mainly wore one thing with accessories there would be so. much. less. laundry. Even just one less person made a huge difference.
  • Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover is da bomb. It got everything out except pitch. Pitch comes out of clothing with hand sanitizer (and it didn’t hurt the dye).
  • I’ve got a huge pile of clothes in my closet ready to sell or donate because I’ve realized I just don’t need them. I’ve found myself not buying clothing on a whim because I would ask myself why I need it when I have my wool dress.
  • I love the Brooklyn. I did have gapping issues occasionally, but not enough that it was a big deal. I would see if a small snap could be added to it and POCKETS, please. If those changes are made I would buy a second in another color.
  • I think I’ll continue a massive closet purge and get 2-3 other Wool& dresses, probably a Rowena and Sierra. It now seems super easy to just pack a small bag for even week-long trips, something that was mind-boggling difficult to me even a year ago.
  • THANK YOU WOOL& for this challenge!!! You have a customer for life!

Part of the requirement of the challenge was to post and tag to Instagram. So of course, once I was done I had to print out all of my pics and memorialize them in our 4×4 social media size photo albums!

To do that, I needed to download all of my Instagram photos. Happily, that’s quite easy!

  • Login to your Instagram account
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Privacy and Security
  • Scroll down to Data Download, then click on Request Download

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