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Bullet Journaling Homeschool Tracker – Free Download

Aug 16, 2016 | Freebies, School

0816161354I’m constantly on the look out for a daily scheduler that works for our homeschool. I fall into that perpetual cycle of excitement over a new chart, but then I end up losing track, or I have to remake it because something changes…and it just peters out. Someone recently posted about bullet journaling – I very much like this idea due to its extreme flexibility. There was also an example of how to use it as a homeschool tracker posted.

0816160842aNow, I get that bullet journaling is supposed to be hand written…but that’s a lot of little boxes to draw out over and over again. I have my own spin on it so I needed to print something out, and then the kids just have to fill it in. I write the week’s dates at the top along with the child’s name, then make a list of common school items and activities. Bonus: Use of sparkly gel pens, a different color for each day.

I created a 4×6 weekly version and an 8.5 x 11 monthly version. With this list, if we drop or add something I can just keep going with it – no worries about having to reconfigure the list any time a change to our schedule occurs. I like the smaller version so I can hang it up on the fridge for us to record daily which subjects and activities we completed, and then easily put it in one of our albums for record keeping.

I’m watching the videos on this method and will likely grab a journal and give this a try for my personal work as well – as much as I love everything digital, there’s just something satisfying about creating and crossing off a real list. We’ll see if it works out or falls by they wayside as another thing to carry around, but I think the school tracking will prove to be very useful.

I’ve got a zip file with a 4×6, 4×6 3 up on a page, 4×6 2016-17 school year cover, and the 8.5 x 11. Have fun!


bullet-homeschool-tracker-4x6.inddFree School Tracker files from CocoPolka - fits in our 4x6 photo albums

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