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Feedback Friday: 4×6 Pastel Photo Albums -These are very nice for more then just photos

Jun 19, 2020 | Reviews

“Bought this to store notes, to-do’s and coupons, etc. The first 4 pages of each has a specific colored, lined 4 x 6 Post It note in it, and the rest of the sheets are for storing misc stuff. As I fill up each Post It, it can be replaced with another. I keep 2 in my desk for work and personal stuff, and another elsewhere for house related projects.

Been using these for a few days and am very happy with the product and this system. I can keep like things together, and not have a bunch of random Post It’s on my desk. Plus, I take these with me when I go out shopping, or am in another part of the house.

So yes, these would be great for 4 x 6 photos, but they have some other great uses too!

The colored piece on the front of each is an Avery tab, and the cover is some pearly cardstock I got from another Amazon order. Eventually I plan to print a nice design on each front, with the name of the album in bigger letters.

It’s easy to replace the cardboard in the front and back of these albums. Just pull one out, and trace it onto the cardboard you want to use to replace. Note: It’s best to use a decent cardstock. Just the right thickness and durability. Paper isn’t thick enough, and it would be very hard to push it into the plastic sleeve.”

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