As we were driving home from a family reunion, the Three Sisters that are one of the many spectacular sites in Central Oregon were so glorious we had to stop at a view point for a quick pic. No matter how many times we see this view, it still lifts our heart with joy. The tan expanse of the high desert sage brush and juniper, the deep blue of the sky against the snowy peaks all in a row and the smell of the dry ground in the winter cold remind us to be thankful for this stunning area we live in.

Our three daughters also love the humor in the fact that they are three sisters as well. Others who were stopped at the view point were chuckling indulgently as I arranged them to match the mountains.

The Three Sisters are (creatively) called North, Middle and South. Although technically named Mt. Faith, Mt. Hope and Mt. Charity by a Methodist minister in the 1800’s, no one ever calls them that. The Sisters are part of the Cascade Mountain Range and the famous Ring of Fire around the Pacific. As beautiful as these lovely ladies are, they are listed by the USGS as having a threat potential of “Very High”.

One legend says that the Three Sisters fought over handsome Mt. Bachelor to the south. Their elder brother Jack offered them a finger from each hand to stop the fighting and bring peace (not sure why this would be a good gift, but there you go). He now rests as Three Fingered Jack.

On a clear day, this cluster of volcanoes are not the only mountains visible. Broken Top, Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Black Butte, Mt. Bachelor and Three Fingered Jack surround the high desert for a breath-taking panorama.

We are hoping to hike Broken Top or the South Sister next year as two of our girls are old enough to keep up.

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