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Where Can I Get 6×8 Photos Printed?

Jun 17, 2020 | Tips & Ideas

6×8 printing is more difficult to find – it’s a holdover from an older print size when plates were used, and are easier to find in Europe. But you can still find ways to get them printed in the U.S.! Here are some options:

  • Photo printing services that offer 6×8 include Nations, CVS and Winkflash.
  • Print on 8×10 and cut down (make sure you plan for cutting off some of your image – you’ll lose 2 inches off each side)
  • Always check for coupons or deals when ordering photos online! For example, just type in “Nations coupon code” in a search engine. You can also use a browser add-on such as Wikibuy.
  • Print at home – make sure your settings are actual size, and not fit to page, reduce, or anything else that will change the real size of the file. Use card stock for a nicer weight.
  • Print at a print shop and cut to size. If you are a member of Classical Conversations, you have access to a discount card for printing at Office Max or Office Depot (ask your director). I like to use a local print shop as well. Once again, use cardstock for a nicer weight.

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