After posting my “By Subject” version of a flipbook, I had requests to do a “By Week” edition. Cycle 3 Flipbooks by Week(includes Bible), username on CCC is CocoPolka. There are 7 zip files, make sure you get them all!
I’ve also added 4 zip files of weekly maps that I created from the Foundations guide colored maps as well. 

My older two girls have been Memory Masters for all three cycles, and flipbooks like this were invaluable to the effort.

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These are available only through CC Connected as they are for Classical Conversations families with a subscription only. The easiest way to find them is under username CocoPolka from the “Uploaded By” dropdown.

There are 3 options for covers with an American history theme, a back cover with everything we learn this cycle, a multiplication table, maps and 5 Core Habits info.

These are individual 4×6 jpg files, and are created to be printed as photos. While you could certainly print them on a printer, cutting them out might be a bit tedious.

For low-cost photos, check out many of the online services such as Shutterfly, Snapfish, York, etc – when you first sign up for an account, they’ll give you free prints. Walgreens also runs specials frequently. Costco and Amazon both have cheap prices on prints all the time.

These will fit perfectly in our 4×6 original, pastel, brights, or black pocket albums with 48 pockets. If you want even more pockets, there’s also the 60 pocket albums. If you want to help our small business, leave us a review!

A special thanks to Sarah, Natalie, Pam, and Vickie for proofing! Please send any more errors you find to

And yes, to those who have asked, I am also working on a weekly version!

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